Month: August 2017

Gift Occasions for best friends

At Atlantic Golfe we have gift vouchers to celebrate any occasion. Buying for a wedding, anniversary or birthday? You’re sure to find something perfect.

With a range as wide as ours, you’ll offer a voucher and your friends may redeem in a variety of Shoes, Clothing, Putters and Golf Bags, gifts for those who love to be pampered. Whatever the occasion, an gift voucher will leave them with memories they can enjoy for years to come.

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Golf for kids

Regardless of the age of your young player, it is a challenge for all parents to know how to positively encourage their child in every sport. Research has shown that most kids actually leave a sport around age 13, primarily because they have lost their love affair with the game. The reason: it has become too technical too early in their life. Therefore, the simpler you keep it early on, the better. And above all, try to keep every experience at the golf course a fun memory.

Happy golfing!

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