Immediately after Zhao’s hit a brick wall siege to your Northern H2o Tribe, Azula try summoned from the the girl dad to help you his throne room

Immediately after Zhao’s hit a brick wall siege to your Northern H2o Tribe, Azula try summoned from the the girl dad to help you his throne room

Given that she knelt just before Flame Lord Ozai, the guy mentioned that Zuko was a deep failing and Iroh try an effective traitor. The guy charged her with an objective: locate and you can just take the girl cousin and you will aunt. [18]

Spring a hundred AG

Ty Lee, Azula, and you can Mai concealed on their own while the Kyoshi Warriors, effortlessly infiltrated our planet King’s system of faith, gathered control over the newest Dai Li, and you can passed the fresh new Coup out of Ba Sing Se, ergo almost giving the newest Fire Nation done earn on the combat.

Azula are provided with a flame Country royal sloop, including a team and you will sailed so you can Zuko and you will Iroh’s last identified venue. As they contacted this new vent, Azula managed the woman staff, emphasizing that she’d not tolerate any reluctance to look at their purpose, even if these people were apprehending people in the new regal family relations. Prior to dismissing the lady crew, Azula reveled in their feeling of worry. The newest ship’s head reached their, describing that tides won’t let them provide the fresh boat inside in advance of nightfall. Annoyed by the headlines, Azula deftly let the son know that their existence is at risk in the event the the guy don’t realize the woman requests.

Azula receive Zuko and you will Iroh into the a town resorts and you will greet these to the fresh ship on incorrect hope of being accepted house or apartment with open palms. Their initially package regarding luring right back her a few dissident relatives are defeated because of the her very own ship’s master, exactly who accidentally treated Zuko and Iroh because inmates. Throughout the resulting skirmish, Azula try thrown overboard, enabling the lady brother and you can sibling to escape. [19] To help you pursue new Avatar, Azula molded at the very top people composed of the woman young people nearest and dearest Ty Lee, employed out-of an excellent circus, and you may Mai, who was simply located in Omashu due to the fact governor’s daughter. Azula don’t have the ability to bring Aang and his awesome household members in the Omashu, yet still managed to break the new city’s opposition and safer it towards the Fire Country, renaming the metropolis The latest Ozai in her own dad’s prize. [14] Azula went on to pursue the new Avatar, Zuko, and you may Iroh for several days, utilizing technical developments like the tank show, being able to see them and you can wound Iroh during the Tu Zin ahead of fleeing the scene. [20]

Immediately a short while later, Long Feng arrived and asked this new Dai Li so you can arrest Azula, attempting to twice-cross their

Immediately after the woman 1st incapacity to violation the brand new solid outside wall regarding Ba Play Se with the Flame Nation drill, [21] Azula and her cluster had the Kyoshi Fighters provided by Suki, which they fast beaten and you may got toward infant custody. [22] In hopes that it do crack her, Azula delivered Suki into the Boiling Material high-safety jail. [23] Disguising on their own, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai registered Ba Sing Se and you may properly plotted an effective conspiracy on treacherous minister Long Feng. [6] [24] She met with the Dai Li arrest the newest Council of 5, our planet King’s large-ranks generals, when you are she directly overthrew new sovereign. Sokka and you will Toph had been detained when you find yourself attempting to alert World Queen Kuei up against the patch, and Azula sent to an alternative dungeon. Which have prepared against a prospective counter, Azula instead convinced brand new Dai Li so you can vow commitment in order to this lady. Realizing that he had been outplayed within their own games, the latest Huge Secretariat grudgingly surrendered. After getting command over the brand new castle, Azula discovered Zuko in the Top Ring and was able to persuade your to participate their so you’re able to get his birthright because the top prince. During the a struggle with brand new Avatar on the Crystal Catacombs below the metropolis, Azula mortally injured Aang with a lightning struck after the guy inserted the fresh Avatar County, leaving this new Avatar presumed lifeless permanently as well as the Environment Kingdom funding lead on give of one’s Flames Nation. [7]

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